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Hello together! We are looking for enthusiastic and literature-loving translators to participate in a new and innovative form of literature, the International Short Story Project! The project is purely voluntary, so no recompensation can be paid. However, the stories will appear in a printed anthology, and can thus serve as a CV-reference.
We are still looking for translators for ENGLISH>GERMAN, SPANISH>GERMAN and DUTCH>GERMAN. The INTERNATIONAL SHORT STORY PROJECT brings together authors from all over the world in a new, innovative and unique form of literature. The young writers from 18 different countries (as diverse as Syria, the Netherlands, Japan, Kenya and many more) will be published in a multi-lingual anthology containing 12 languages alongside a translation. Two versions will be published: one OV/English and one OV/German. The basic idea of the project is simple: a handful of authors all write a short story at the same time on the same topic. They do not exchange ideas, thoughts, or inspiration – every author writes his story only with his own creativity. The stories then will be published alongside each other in an anthology. So far, so traditional… What makes this anthology unique, though, is something else: the authors do not know each other, are not from the same context. Even more: none of the authors is from the same country. Every writer writes his story from his perspective, the point of view of his society, country, culture... The overarching topic, however, is one that is felt in our generation around the globe; one that touches all of the authors in one way or the other: “the crisis insideâ€. Published alongside each other, the stories make for more than an anthology – they will be a literary portrait of the so-called “generation crisisâ€. The authors are given the creative freedom they need to adapt the topic to their context, society, thought and creativity. At the end, thus, in the INTERNATIONAL SHORT STORY PROJECT not only authors from different countries will stand alongside each other, but also a plethora of distinct perspectives, creative insights and literary styles… If you are a translator of one of the languages mentioned above, and interested in being part of and helping create this new form of international literature, please contact me for more information!


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